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Advanced simulations.
A better urban future.

Motus Tech is a cutting-edge software and R&D company that specializes in high-resolution spatially explicit agent-based simulations of urban growth and mobility.

The company was founded by Arch Arik Tal-Or and Prof. Itzhak Benenson, who share urban planning, data analysis and simulation experience for real-world applications.

After years of research, design, and implementation, Motus Tech's founders realized that even the most advanced urban planning tools and methods do not address      planners’ need for forecasting the future of urban systems and their compartments. By developing Planning Decision Assessment (PDA) software, Motus Tech is introducing advanced forecasting procedures to the world of urban planning.

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Revolutionizing urban landscapes    

Motus Tech technology populates a GIS-based city twin with humans and institutes, as a basis for analyzing planning scenarios and predicting their successes and failures. Using a wide range of free and proprietary infrastructure data, Motus Tech enriches urban GIS with high-resolution agent-based simulations, transforming GIS maps into lively insight-generating engines.

The company's technology plays a central role in its consulting and software development services, which are provided to municipalities, logistics and transportation companies, government entities, and other organizations. 

As the world's population grows and cities increase in size and density, we facilitate urban planning that benefits everyone – from civilians and institutions to local and national authorities.

Meet the Founders

Arch Arik Tal-Or

Arik Tal-Or is an architect (B. Arch & B. Design, Bezalel Academy of Art) with over 30 years of experience as a city architect and engineer. In 1993, he was the youngest architect to design a master plan for a city in Israel (Eilat), which is currently in its final stages of completion – doubling the city's size.

Tal-Or served as Holon's city architect and was instrumental in planning the "City of Children" zone and 20,000 additional residential units in the south of the city. He also served as Kiryat Gat's city engineer, where he finalized the planning of the city's northern quarter ("Carmei Gat").

In addition to his responsibilities as an architect, Tal-Or also served as a lecturer at Shenkar College from 2006 to 2010. During this period, he was also the CEO of Shenkar's commercialization company.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Tal-Or has established and managed several successful start-ups and consulting companies.

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Prof. Itzhak Benenson photo

Prof. Itzhak Benenson

Prof. Itzhak Benenson is a Professor of Geography at Tel Aviv University and the Head of its Geosimulation & Spatial Analysis laboratory.

Prof. Benenson's research focuses on geosimulation and spatial analysis of urban and regional phenomena. This includes the long-term impact of local and regional plans, land-use dynamics, traffic and transportation modeling, vehicle-pedestrian interactions, and road accidents.

Prof. Benenson is an associate editor of the high-ranked Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (CEUS) journal and a member of the editorial board of several other academic journals. His academic studies are funded by numerous Israel and international research grants.

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