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02 Strategic Public Transport Network in Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area

General Description:

•    The project employs an Agent-Based simulation model of urban multimodal traffic focusing on the effects of the future Bus Rapid Transport network in the area.
•    Urban space is represented explicitly through the high-resolution GIS of the road network, land partition, buildings, and population with all necessary attributes.   
•    Urban travelers - model agents, choose transportation modes that make their trips most effective regarding the travel time and convenience (waiting in traffic jams, walking to the public transport stops, waiting there for a bus, transferring between lines), and the cost of the trip, including future parking prices. 
•    The model is calibrated based on the mobile phone and smart card data.
•    The variety of BRT networks as well as the policies of their introduction and merging with the existing regular public transport is evaluated concerning the effect on traffic congestion and the possibility of public acceptance. 
•    The simulation analysis is a part of a large BRT network planning project led by Dr. Nir Sharav.

Yellow Bus on the Bridge
Red Bus


A policy-oriented simulation of the BRT network effectiveness for the Israeli Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

Status: In progress

Presentation for authorized persons only
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